Since 2003, BLACK WOMEN 50+ HEALTH & LIFESTYLES MAGAZINE has been one of the few periodicals nationally dedicated exclusively to exploring the challenges, hopes, fears, and celebrations of this demographic. Produced quarterly, it is distributed to paid subscribers, and also available free at businesses, churches, beauty shops, clinics, and at special events throughout southeast Wisconsin.

Mission:  To educate and empower responsible, preventive health practices. To decrease disparities in treatment and services to Black Women 50+.
To demystify, in simple language, major health issues.
To inspire rewarding lifestyles while revealing resources, products and services. To celebrate the uniqueness
of ages 50+.

Know the Power of Black Women 50+ …
According to Census data, approximately 25% of African-Americans are women born 1946 to 1964. They are a direct link to the entire Black population and influence 80% of all purchases of African-Americans. Their values reflect individual choice, family / community, prosperity /ownership, and self-actualization. Black women 50+ are leaders in their churches, communities, and on their jobs.

BW50+ MAGAZINE was created to honor the memory of my mother, Mattie Echols Tucker, and her legacy of service to women.


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  1. rebecca says:

    To whom it may concern,
    I’m writing from a PR firm in NY looking for contact information to get in touch with the beauty or health editor of this blog. If you could get back to me when you get a chance, I would really appreciate it. Thanks.

    1. koujo says:

      Please contact me at my email: prlin@aol.com. Thank you.

  2. Linda Jackson Cocroft says:

    Rebecca – Appreciate your interest in BLACK WOMEN 50+ HEALTH & LIFESTYLES MAGAZINE. > According to surveys I’ve read, Black women spend more on hair and beauty products than any other ethnicity. And, of course, women 50+ who represent one-fourth of the African American population … with more disposable income … are open to information that will help us in maintaining an attractive, youthful appearance. > So, I’m open to communicating with you.

    Linda Jackson Cocroft, Publisher
    PO Box 452 Butler, WI 53007-0452

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